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Tap dancing is excellent for teaching students about musicality and rhythm. They will wear tap shoes and learn to make different sounds and beats with their feet.

Tap dance is rich in history and students will learn moves from all of the different styles and ages of tap dance, including blues, musical theatre and rhythm tap.

Below is some information about the different levels we offer:


Primary, Grades 1-6, Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2:

All of our tap classes follow to ISTD graded syllabi. In these classes students start with a warm up, learn technical exercises, corner exercises, rhythm exercises and dance routines. Older students also have an advanced rhythm section where they are able to create their own choreography.

It is worth noting that, although all of our tap classes are examination classes, students are not obliged to enter for official exam should they wish not to. Students will continue to progress onto the next grade with their peers and enjoy dancing.

If students choose to take exams, each grade also provides UCAS points, which can be used to help with university applications.

Our tap teacher is Miss Amy.

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