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The school was founded in 1972 by Brenda Mavis Key, who was a professional ballerina and distinguished ballet teacher and examiner.

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As a dancer, Brenda Key trained with celebrated teachers such as Ruth French and Phillis Bedells and enjoyed huge success. She then went on to qualify as an RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) examiner. She was trusted with examining ballet students across the globe and travelled extensively until retiring in 1990 after her last trip in Brazil.

It was after retiring as a professional dancer that Brenda Key decided to start her very own school. Miss Key (as she was known to

her students) built her school with passion and values of excellence, instilling discipline and the determination to achieve in every student; wanting the best for and from her students. Brenda Key imparted her knowledge with pride and made an invaluable contribution to the local community, local families and most of all to her students.

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The school was first opened at The Bourne Methodist Church in Southgate,  where it  still runs from today after 50 years. It has become a pillar of the local community.

Although she sadly passed in 2013, Brenda Key's legacy lives on through the school, and the people who share her passion and commitment to helping every student succeed.

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