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We pride ourselves in being a friendly dance school with a real sense of community. Alongside offering excellent dance education, our aim is to ensure that every child is supported, valued and treated as an individual.








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We always love to chat with our students and their families every time they attend a class to check in to see how they are doing. We understand that students may come to dance classes for a multitude of different reasons, and work alongside them, offering personalised guidance, to help each student achieve their aims.

We cultivate a "family" atmosphere at BKSOD and our students often make close, lasting friendships with their classmates. Our older students enjoy taking work opportunities assisting in classes for younger students and helping out on exam days, which is lovely for them to gain experience and also very inspirational for the little ones!

We also organise group events such as photoshoots and theatre trips where Brenda Key students and their families can share fun new experiences together.

At the end of each term we have sharings of the students' work ("watching weeks"), so that family and friends can keep up-to-date with what the children are up to, and the students can show off all of their wonderful dancing!

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The manager of our school, Miss Debbie, is an ex-Brenda Key parent herself, so understands the benefits that come with dance classes and is passionate about extending the opportunity to dance to as many young people as possible. Naturally, she is also brilliant at understanding a parent's perspective and is always on hand to offer advice and answer any queries. We run our school with the aim of keeping fees as low as possible; our focus is on the continuation of our school and the opportunities for our students.

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Many of our students stay dancing with us from the moment they first step into Pre-School Ballet aged 3, to the moment they leave for university, and we love seeing their journeys!

Some of our students pursue careers in the performing arts and enjoy success as professional dancers. 

Even students who choose to pursue different career paths tend to continue their passion for dance, joining dance societies at university and continuing with adult dance classes.

They come back and visit every now and again and tell us about their adventures!


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