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Adult Ballet

Brand new for Autumn term 2023!

Adult ballet is for anybody aged 18+ who wants to do some ballet, whether you've studied before or are a total beginner.

Ballet is brilliant for maintaining strength in the muscles, encouraging good posture and training your brain to remember sequences of steps. Miss Ioanna will teach proper ballet technique to ensure that participants really achieve the most possible from this class.

Plus it will be loads of fun!

The class will follow a syllabus and participants will have the option to submit themselves for exams.

Adult ballet
Adult stretch & strengthen

These adult classes are designed to help improve muscle power, flexibility and mobility.

It is a mostly low-impact class, and we will do exercises based on Pilates and yoga. Where there is high-impact work, there will always be an alternative for those who wish to keep things lower-impact.

Although this isn't a dance class, there will be a choreographic element. For example, we will do exercises in time to the music, and may learn patterns of movements to repeat on each chorus.

For this class, we are also happy to listen to requests and work with you, so if you have any target areas, or muscles you'd particularly like to strengthen, let us know!

Classes will have a supportive atmosphere and we aim for all participants to feel inspired to have a go at everything.

Stretch & Strengthen is an adult class, but is also available to older teenage students, aged 14+.

Our Stretch & Strengthen teacher is Miss Zara.

Stretch & strengthen
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