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Jazz Theatre classes have an equal focus on technique and performance.

Jazz is a varied style of dance and classes touch upon lots of different styles with the 'jazz dance umbrella'. This includes lyrical, musical theatre and contemporary.

Students work towards exciting new moves and an advanced technical skillset including pirouettes, leaps and kicks.

Studying jazz dance creates strong, dynamic and versatile dancers. If you are interested in pursuing theatre, are inspired by TV shows like 'The Next Step', or just want to have lots of fun and perform, then jazz classes are for you!


There are currently 2 levels of Jazz Theatre available:


Jazz Theatre 1 is aimed at students in Primary school and Jazz Theatre 2 is aimed at students in Secondary school.

We are hoping to add additional classes in the near future.

Classes include: a warm up, strengthening, fitness, technique exercises and a routine.

We dance to pop music and musical theatre soundtracks.

In Jazz classes, students will have the opportunity to participate in 2 performances per year and 1 music video per year!


Jazz Theatre classes are non-exam classes. Instead, we do informal awards ceremonies twice a year, where students are awarded a certificate to celebrate their personal achievements and growth.

These classes are brilliant for improving students’ confidence and bringing them out of their shells. They are also suited to those students who are already outgoing and enjoying being dramatic!


Our Jazz Theatre teacher is Miss Zara.

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